Feather Star Miniature

Feather Star Miniature
made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

QQ Charity Quilt

QQ Charity Quilt
made by members

Charity Quilt

Charity Quilt
made by Judy Pavey

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quadrille Quilters History

Quadrille Quilters

Quadrille Quilters is the largest quilting group on the West Rand.

The group was started 25 years ago, in 1984, with only 4 members: Kathy Muller, Liz Dobbins, Carolin Copeland and Grace Nobili.

They named themselves after the Card Trick Block which has 4 cards – therefore Quadrille.

Initially the members met at each others’ homes. Since the group membership has increased, larger premises were required.

Our membership has increased to +/- 140 members.

The Florida Library Auditorium has become our permanent venue.

The group meets once a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month.

We publish a monthly newsletter, full of relevant information for the group.

We have a Constitution which has been in force for over 20 years and Quadrille Quilters is run by a full committee.

Quadrille Quilters is registered as a Non Profit Organization with SARS.

The group has also been very involved in various charity drives having made quilts for 45 beds at San Salvador.

Baby quilts were made for a crèche in Randfontein.

We have raffled quilts to raise funds to go to Cancer research.
Presently we are heavily involved with the Nobili Foundation feeding scheme. www.aidsandchildren.blogspot.comv

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