Feather Star Miniature

Feather Star Miniature
made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

QQ Charity Quilt

QQ Charity Quilt
made by members

Charity Quilt

Charity Quilt
made by Judy Pavey

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quadrille Quilters Newsletter Nov 2009

Tertia welcomed all visitors. A special welcome to Wendy’s sister Shirley visiting from Cape Town

From the Floor

As outgoing Chairlady after 18 months of leadership Tertia
thanked her out going committee with a lovely Pot Plant
Erichka our new chairlady thanked Tertia for all her hard work with a gift

Condolences to;
Pat Parker on the loss of her husband.
to Jeanette Noble for the very sad loss of
her son Garth, to Pat Goldhawk on the loss of
her Grandson and to Lizette van Huysteen on the loss
of her father. Our prayers are with you all.

Report Back

Jeanette Botha gave Quadrille quilters a report back on the S.A.Q.G origins and its aims.

She also explained the reasons as to why Quadrille ‘s application for regional Guild status
was declined.

Show and Tell

PLEASE .!!!PLEASE !!!! I A Reminder Ladies give more detail and write clearly on your slips for Show and Tell we need more info for the Newsletter and the Photo albums

Rosemarie Sheward --- made a “Memory of African Houses” a mini quilt for a friend immigrating to Australia

Helmein Rudram --- “Inspiration” 1st quilt for a Cat crazy person.
Leonora Cloete -- A Secret Garden Quilt taught by Wendy and Suzen.
Pat van Gool --- Friendship quilt started with 60 pieces for a 60th Birthday.
Ditto -- Rustic Quilt made for Pat’s daughter to put in her Wooden cabin.
Colleen Harris --- “A Midsummers Night Dream” made all from stretch lace and clothes.
Tilly de Harde --“ Ways and Means” quilt made in a class with Dena Crain.

Ditto “Where have all the Butterflies Gone.” My silent protest against the destruction of the rain forests.
Yvonne Jordan ---“My Elephant” class taken
with Lesley Pahl
Grace Nobili – “Beer Box Scrap Quilt” made from Charm squares – blocks of different sizes.
Jenny Svensson ---“ Mary Xmas” A doll made for a class to be taught. She was made as companion for hooded Santa made last year.


If you have any relevant information of interest to fellow readers, the editor would appreciate your input. Printing deadline is 20th of each month.

Grace Nobili Email gracenobili@icon.co.za

Meetings will be held from
1.30pm to 4.30pm on
Every 2nd Saturday afternoon
Volunteers are needed for
Two afternoons a year.

Scraps of Quilting fabric or suitable
Cotton are Always welcome.
Please contact
Irene Florence Tel .011 788 9922
Dates for the school are;

Oct 24th Nov 28th 2009.

TEA DUTY for December

Helmein Rudram Lyall Schwikkard
Rosemarie Sheward Marina Sigalas
Carla Smit Jenny Smith
Maureen Smith Anneke Smith
Erica Stern Jenny Svensson
Deline Taljaard Lesley Taylor
Kim Tedder Jeanette Trigaardt
Lorna van Doorene Amaryllis van Druten
Pat von Gool Maryna van Heerden

Please supply a plate of eats savory or sweet to feed approximately 15 people.

Would these ladies please also help in the kitchen? If for any reason you are unable to provide eats for the month allocated to you, please find someone to replace you and inform either
Maureen Smith
Rosemarie Sheward

Please remember to bring a mug
If you do not wish to bring your own mug
Please feel free to use the mugs on the tea table but we would appreciate it if you can wash the mug so it can be packed away quickly after the meeting
This is just a way of making the tea ladies lives easier THANK YOU.

Each Friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
By Anais Nin.

Happy Birthday

2nd Joy Cowan
5th Joan Prinsloo
7th Pat Goldhawk
10th Pat von Gool
14th Marina Allison
15th Hazel o’ Shea
22nd Jane Manson
24th Magda Pretorious
24th Martie Erasmus
28th Lali Mitchell
30th Anna Castleman


Jane Nicolai is now the BirthdayAngel

Great things are not
done by impulse,
but by a series of
small things
brought together.
Vincent van Gough.

Classes with Jenny Svensson

Visit my Blogspot at www.chimpsquilts.blogspot.com.
to see which classes you would like to attend.
Applique Club Bring your own project and I will help you get started and work on it through the next year
Christmas Club will run for eleven months
Work on several patterns that I will give you.
Watch out too, for New dolls by Tertia and Jenny

For the Xmas meeting we will be supporting Gsiza Isizwe (Go help the Nation ) Charity.
Please bring anything from non perishable food to 2nd hand clothing, shoes, and 2nd hand toys
Visit www.gosiza.com Let us think of others during the Festive Season

“ Anything loving that we can do or think contributes
to the Healing of Humanity” Marianne Williamson.

Dates to Remember

Calendar of Events For 2009

4th Nov. Crazy Patch embroidery -
Lesley Taylor.

2nd Dec. Table Hop demos by 5 different Teachers
Jeanette Triegaardt and Anna Castleman
Xmas Decorations (balls)
Grace Nobili 30 minute Basket
Rosemarie Botha Folded Star
Nola Mayes Thumb Pin Cushion with Kit.
Wendy Burtenshaw Quick Magic Four Patch

Assistant Newsletter

Come on ladies, Grace requires
someone to play with.
just one afternoon a month for couple of hours.Learn awhole lot more about the computer and see just how it is done.

Most Common Quilting mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes. Looking back over the last 30 years I think that I have probably made most of them .
My first huge mistake was marking all my template shapes on the right sides of the fabric and not the wrong – had to do it all again and it was a Lone Star quilt – not ideal for a 1st project.

The correct ¼” seam allowance and squaring off solve many of the problems, that go towards making that quilt lie flat.

We always ask ourselves why isn’t the sewn block perfect? Because fabric is Flexible. It stretches out of shape every time we handle it and during the pressing process.

We can use starch when we press the uncut fabric which will give it a little body and prevent excess stretching. We can use steam sparingly and yet still the fabric stretches.
The next most frequent error everyone makes is to sew a piece, a block or a whole row into a quilt upside down.
Just like when joining two strips together there is one right sides to a wrong side – yeah yeah been there done that !
Sometimes only when the whole quilt top has been assembled do we spot an error – by then it was planned like that wasn’t it?My best one is of course is when working with specifically small pieces the ones that totally vanish and only re-appear once you have cut a second one – that is why little plastic bags work wonderfully.



This Quilt is made of cloth and thread
To place upon your little bed.
It’s not an heirloom just to keep,
But to lie upon as you count the sheep.

Or perhaps the floor’s the perfect place
For a Doll and Teddy picnic place.
This quilt can be anything you can dream
From Superman’s cape to the robe of a Queen
Pretend it’s a raft adrift at sea
Or just cuddle up when you watch TV

So use it up and wear it out
I promise I won’t yell or pout.
Just tell me when its days are through
And I’ll make another on just for you.
Kathy Sherlock

Place your Advert
for 2010
Please speak to Marilyn Poustie about renewing your adverts for 2010
New adverts will only be put in the newsletter,if you supply printed or copy email of your advert.
The editor does not do the layout or content This is to ensure print quality and correct information.

New Quilting sites
to visit


New Quilting sites
to visit;


Crazy Quilts;
History , Techniques and Embroidery Motifs. By Cindy Brick.

It may interest many to know that the first “crazy quilt” was made at Tewkesbury (Mass) almshouse by a demented gentle inmate, who delighted to sew together, in hap- hazard fashion, all the odd pieces given her.
One day a lady visitor was shown the quilt as a sample of poor Martha’s crazy work. The conglomeration of colour, light and dark, of every conceivable shape and size caught the visitor’s fancy and within a week she herself, was making a crazy quilt. And thence the furor spread !!
Part one of this book’s the History of the Crazy and it is fascinating. Crazy Quilts contains many beautiful color photos of significant examples of the style in the 1890’s into the present dayPart two is the inevitable and indispensable section on how to make your own crazy quil=

Quilt Care

Quilts are made to be used and even old quilts should be used.
However , if we want our quilts to survive we should consider what we should do to protect them as best we can. This is not easy as fabrics are under constant attack from the environment in which we place them.

The biggest threat to textiles is light – visible light and the invisible ultraviolet radiation in daylight. Ultra violet radiation is also emitted by fluorescent tubes. Light causes dyes to fade and weakens the fibres of textiles.
Our modern atmospheric pollution damages quilts. The Sulphur Dioxide content of urban air harms textiles and will continue to do so wherever machines emit their destructive fumes.
Dust especially gritty dust can work its way into textiles and cut and abrade the fibres.
Extreme heat and dryness can affect quilts Damp, especially warm damp, encourages mould to grow and creates a good environment for insects.
Too much dryness weakens fabrics. It is well known that cotton and linen are stronger when they contain moisture.
There are in spite of all these threats a lot we can do to protect and care for our quilts to ensure that they will be around for coming generations to enjoy

When storing quilts they should be protected by wrapping them in an old well washed and rinsed sheet. Acid free tissue paper is available and is fine for small pieces, but a bit difficult for wrapping large quilts.
Do not place quilts directly into cardboard boxes or onto wooden shelves The acid of wood products cause damage to textiles
Plastic bags are not good. Some plastic give off acid fumes and plastics in general seal off your quilt, preventing a flow of air around and through the fabric.
Don’t leave your quilt stored away for more than a month or two before you air and refold it.
Don’t fold it the same way every time as this leads to permanent creases.If possible have the cupboard in which you store your quilts on an inside wall of your house. This helps prevent extremes of heat and cold in your storage space.

AGM – QQ October 2009

- Quorum (67 members or 75 % of members)
82 members present.

- Apologies from committee members not present today: Lynette Ho, Lesle Mc Hugh & Rose Espach
- Subs increased to R140 and members will automatically be included in the Birthday club, where you will receive a little gift on your Birthday.

- Visitors fee will stay at R20

- Entrance fee of R5 – for the newsletter and car guards.
If you want to take an extra newsletter copy for a friend, it will cost

- Entertainment portfolio – Not successful will try again later.

- DVD’s for Library? Would you be interested in taking out DVD’s
and paying R20 hire every time?
Members are infavour of having DVD’s in library.

- SAQG affiliation - We were not given the Regional Guild Status.
Jeanette Botha is going to give us a short explanation of what the role of the SAQG is and answer some of the questions we have received regarding this.

- Edwina Reading thanked Quadrille Quilters for sponsoring the
classes with Dena Crain.
- Tertia Duvenage – Thanks to my committee for all the work done and your support in the last year. I had fun and enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks also to all the members for all your support.


CHAIRLADY: Erichka Bick


TREASURER: Marilyn Poustie




LIBRARIAN: Deline Taljart

CARE BEAR: Jane Nicholai

PHOTOGRAPHER: Pauline Harris
NOTICE BOARD: Irene Florence
BACK PAGE: Jenny Svensson

BIRTHDAYS: Jane Nicholai
FUND RAISING: Rosemarie Botha
Erichka Bick
SHOW & TELL: Jill Rex
Ann Robertson
Judy Pavey
Tilly de Harde
Jenny Smith
TEA LADIES: Rosemarie Sheward
Maureen Smith
Store the urns Suzen Bornman
Store extra mugs Grace Nobili

CRAFT TABLE: Charmaine Collin
Jean Hill
Phyllis Robers
POLE LADIES: Irene Florence
Suzen Bornman

SOUND SYSTEM: Jenny Svensson
Jane Nicolai

Gail Osborne
Elize Burger

Proposed: Pat Goldhawk Seconded: Pat Warren


To all the Committee members for their hard work
and dedication to Quadrille Quilters

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