Feather Star Miniature

Feather Star Miniature
made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

Olzi quilt made by Maggie Ball

QQ Charity Quilt

QQ Charity Quilt
made by members

Charity Quilt

Charity Quilt
made by Judy Pavey

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quadrille Quilters Sept Newsletter 2011

Grace welcomed all visitors and members with a special welcome to Maggie Ball.
There were several apologies, including, Jeanette Trichardt, Cathy Pollitt, Ira Auf, Carol Poutney, Rhona Lobbin and Avriel Barker.
Ladies were reminded to please switch their phones off or to silent. Ringing phones do disturb the smooth running of our meetings.
Grace commented that it was always good to see previously ill members back at meetings.
A buddy system is to be introduced. This will make it easier for new members to ease into the Quadrille circle. It would also make it easier to let the older members know of possible ways to improve our group.
Tall ladies were asked to please help with show and tell; Bridget Ferguson and Ann Robertson have volunteered to help for 3 months.
Members were reminded that photograph fees are to be increased to R5.00.
It has come to our attention that there are 25 members whose fees are still outstanding. Should you no longer wish to remain a member, please let us know. Our lists do need to accurate as they affect the general running of meetings, e.g. how many newsletters to print, tea duties etc
QQ charities did very well this year, 53 quilts were given to the orphanage, 10 were sent to
Japan to help those affected by the Tsunami, we still have 12 available.
Members are reminded to wear their name tags, we are all getting older and memories are not what they were.
Thank you to all members helping out with the tea and helping to keep the tea area clean. If you are tea duty and are not helping, please do so next time round.
Several unusual and useful things are appearing on our craft table. Please take a look and keep things coming.
The notice board always contains something of value; please take the time to read it.
Jenny’s back page: Apparently last month’s challenge proved problematic, it being an asymmetrical block. Jenny suggests you reverse when you cut the pieces. The facia boards proved most problematic. This month’s block is a contempory double storey house. Jenny suggests not to use freezer paper as it shifts, photocopy onto paper and work from there. Reduce the size of your stitches. Fold along the lines of the paper to weaken it so stitches are not ripped. Number the units as they appear e.g. 1st row left and so on. Please speak to Jenny should you have missed the last meeting as several changes needed to be made on the actual pattern to simplify the stitching.
Members are reminded that membership fees are due next month. R150.00. should you prefer to pay in February the fee will increase to R160.00.
It was noted with concern that the noise levels during QQ meetings are increasing, even while speakers are presenting their speeches, and especially during show and tell. This shows a lack of respect towards speakers and all members trying to listen. Members are encouraged to please not talk during meetings. Should you wish to be heard and have something of interest to contribute or a question to ask, please stand up (it helps others hear better) and state your name (not everyone knows who you are and most of our memories are not what they where).
Any teachers who wish to have their pamphlets/leaflets/business cards handed out during the Christmas Exhibition held at Heathway Shopping Centre in October, are to ensure that they are handed to Grace before the exhibition

Giving from the Heart…Our Charities…
Remember to save your scrap fabric and put them into an old pillow case for the SPCA to use for all the unwanted animals. Your old towels and sheets will also help with bath time.

CHOC is always in need of bed socks and beanies and scarves for children of all ages…so get some wool from QQ and get knitting.

Also keep knitting vests for all the aids babies.
Wool donations have arrived.
Bring your old egg boxes, cotton reels and other useful recyclables to be given to St Vincent School for the Deaf

Bring your old glasses and glasses cases to be used by the Lions Eye Clinic in Roodepoort, for people with no money or medical aid but in need of glasses. They use your old frames.

A Visit from Maggie Ball.
Maggie is the author of various quilting books, including books on quilting with Kids. Originally from England, she now lives in Bainbridge Island in the Pacific North West of the USA.
When she came to America she noted quilts hanging over fences for sale. She wanted to learn the art, so frequented her local library until she discovered the local quilt group. When she moved to a different town she joined a larger group who was a little more adventurous in their quilt making.
A few years ago she received an e-mail from Selinga, a lady who lived in Mongolia and had visited the USA, fallen in love with quilting and wanted to bring quilting to Mongolia, to help empower women living in Mongolia. The long term aim was to start a quilting centre. A symbol, the Olsii Symbol was prominent in Mongolia, so Maggie designed a quilt capturing this important symbol of prosperity and longevity.
Maggie and her daughter went to Mongolia with 5 sewing machines and other sourced materials.
She found the materials available in Mongolia out dated, but the women very willing and eager to learn this new craft. She taught and lectured in Mongolia drumming up interest in the art of quilting and after more visits and much fund raising; Mongolia now has a quilting community centre, where women are making articles for sales using the Olsii symbol and other quilt articles.

Maggie shared her knowledge of the Olsii Quilt with Quadrille members and her other quilting skills. Two classes were offered – One the Olsii quilt and the second a Kaleidoscope quilt. Quadrille members were all eager to get started, and all were rather brain dead at the end of each day. But so inspired!

Thank you Maggie for being so patient and so supportive. And thank you Grace for making this happen.

We left exhausted, inspired and few inches thicker in the waist.....all that food.....
If you missed it, shame, you will just have to salivate when you see our show and tell..
Written by Leonora Cloete

There is one sad truth in life I found
While journeying east and west-
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest

Grandmother’s Quilt
A tattered quilt all frayed and torn,
Beneath whose warmth a child once slept.
A memory in each patch is kept
From clothing long ago well-worn.
This cherished quilt brings back the touch
That wiped away a tiny ear, and softly rocked while giving cheer….
Sweet comfort always treasured much.
Now generations feel the love
Of someone they have never known
The seeds of love forever sown By grandma, smiling from above.
Author unknown

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